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Hi, everyone!

2010-10-23 09:56:01 by CHAOSWONTON

I am new here, wating to be scouted atm. I'd like to be part of any game/film project, so if you find any of my works interesting, leave me a message.


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2010-10-23 11:36:16

If you ever want to get involved in a project, go to the Animation forum: 7

or the Collaboration forum: 9

(Links go to the forums)


Hey, thanks a bunch. I will check those out.
BTW, you look a lot like the guy from an awesome movie called Kick Ass.


2011-01-25 13:14:10

Hey can you draw some starcraft units? Look up protoss zealots i think that would be a great one for you. In starcraft one theres units that stealth called dark templars they are like ninjas with energy blades that cloak i would be most grateful